GOST R certification - is a national product and service certification scheme of Russian Federation. Some years ago GOST R certification was obligatory for major part of the products but now it is mostly replaced by new EAC certification / declaration scheme that is based on the Technical Regilations of Custom Union. For some products (that are not subjects of Custom Union Technical Regulations) this type of national certification is still mandatory (e.g. chemicals).

GOST R certification scheme owner is RusStandard - Federal Agency of Techical Regulation and Standartizaiton of Russian Federation. Tha status of "state owned" certification scheme gives additional recognition and benefits to the organizations that voluntary certified in GOST R system.

GOST R cerification can be conducted according to national and industry standards as well as normative documents of producer itself. When GOST R is used as voluntary conformity assessment scheme that does not replace obligatory EAC coformity assessment (see details), it can be effective tool for entering Russian market.

Prices and terms for GOST R certification


GOST R product and service voluntary certificaition has reasonable price that starts from 120 USD per certification.

Terms - 2-5 working days


Terms and prices for GOST R mandatory certification are highly vary depending on the certified products, the standards, certification of which is held, governmental rules and practices, necessity of state registration and licensing, etc .

Unlike the situation with EAC or GOST R obligatory certification, national voluntary certification doesn't require producer to have official representative (resident) on the territory of Russia with special agreement, that lists obligations of such representative in the field of quality and safety of certified products. Click to get more information about functions of representative

Scope of GOST R certification

In distinction from the EAC mandatory certification and declaration, which is carried out solely for compliance with the Technical Regulations requirements of the Customs Union and in cases where certification or declaration is mandatory, certification of GOST R can be conducted for compliance with any national and international standards, as well as internal standards and technical conditions of the manufacturer.

Products that are subjects to mandatory national certification in the GOST R system are certified for compliance with national Russian national standards (e.g. GOST R, GOST, etc.)  in accordance with a legally established procedure.

In addition, it is also possible to obtain a Certificate of Conformity in the GOST R system for the services provided, that is nota subject of EAC certification and EAC declaration.

How do we work:


We get information from the manufacturer about projected products supply to the EAEU market (download application form)


We hold a preliminary legislative requirements review for products certification and provide the client with information not only about the general order and conditions for conducting voluntary or mandatory national certification in the GOST R system, but also with information on the mandatory requirements that this product must comply with (e.g., state registration medicines and chemicals), compulsory licensing, membership in Self-regulated industrila organizations (SROs), etc.


Based on the received information and agreed with the client, we issue GOST R certificates for the products or services we are providing and, if it is necessary, we provide mandatory EAC certification or EAC declarations within the requirements of the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union.

Voluntary certificate

According to the Russian current legislation and practive, the number of officially registered voluntary certification schemes exeed 1000. In the framework of these schemes organizations, including foreign ones, can hold voluntary products certification, certification of services or management systems. At once, it is important and sometimes critical to understand that such certification, according to the law, does not replace the mandatory EAC certification.

Considering diversity, credibility to the big ammount of the Conformity Certificates issued under voluntary certification schemes is low in the market.

However,becourse of GOST R system is the oldest in Russia, and its founder is the Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology of the Russian Federation (Rosstandart), the credibility of certificates issued exactly in the GOST R system is high enough, the requirements for the accessibility​​​​​​​ of these certificates are often included in procurement and tender documentation in a variety of industries. Please be remined that certification in the GOST R system is still mandatory for such products as chemicals.

Why Global Expert Group?

  • We are Russia based company and know all the details, peculiarities of this type of certification, all changes in national legislation on options as well as local business environment. Our client can be always sure in authentical information, shortest terms of certification and guaranteered results.

  • We are professionals in international business and cooperation. It gives our clients confidence that their needs and expectations related to entrance to our market will be fulfilled on the high international level. Also the language, cultural and economical differences won't be a barrier for our cooperation and that ensure the services you and your organization really need.

  • We are experts in international certification schemes. You can be sure that we will use your current foreign certifications, lab tests results (e.g. CE marking) to make certification process in Russia easier and faster.

  • We are not working to just to issue certificates to the companies and products. Our aim is to ensure import of products and services and business development of our clients in Russian, EAEU and CIS market. We never suggest certifications which are not directed to that objectives and help to solve wide range of issues that are out of obligatory certification process.

  • We have a partners in many countries. A lot of certification bodies, labs, consultancy and other companies all over the world are the partners of Global Expert Group. We try to involve local partners when it is necessary to ensure more convenient and fast certification process for the customers.

  • We provide complex of serivces, that includes GOST R and EAC certification, companies registration, state registration and licensing of products and other services that our clients need to work in our market. Starting cooperation with Global Expert in one field our client can be sure that they can get all other business support and won't need  to spend time and money for searching another company.

Global Expert Group complex of services

Global Expert Group complex of services includes wide range of certification and consulting services that will guarentee the entrance and success in Russia and EAEU markets

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