About legal entities registration in Russia and CIS

Each state has its own rules and requirements for the registration of legal entities, branches, divisions and subsidiaries. Legislation of Russia and CIS countries regarding the registration and operation of legal entities and, especially, legal entities established with foreign participation, has a number of features and differences.

Ignorance of these features by foreign companies or individuals who plan to open a legal entity in Russia or other CIS countries to enter the market or develop their presence can lead to significant problems, delays and financial losses.

Using the services of Global Expert in the field of registration of a legal entity in Russia and CIS countries, as well as supporting its operation, you can save considerable time and money, as well as avoid mistakes, violations of legal requirements and focus directly on business development.

Services in the field of registration and maintenance of a legal entity:

  • The optimal form of a legal entity selection assistance (LLC/JSC/Branch);

  • The optimal tax scheme selection assistance;

  • A legal address selection and registration assistance;

  • Preparation of a full package of documents (including - statutory documents, applications, orders, lease agreements);

  • Submission for a legal entity registration application;

  • Provision of a registration certificate and other registration documents, seals, forms of the created legal entity;

  • Bank selection and opening an account assistance depending on the planned business model;Liquidation of legal entities;

  • Obtaining, if  it is necessary, a state license to carry out activities (a license is required, for example, for activities such as maritime and inland transport, pharmaceutical activities, medical activities and many others); 

  • Entry, if it is necessary, into a self-regulating organization (according to the law, membership in SRO is mandatory for construction, design, survey companies, etc.);

  • Provision of services for maintaining accounting records (including remote accounts) of the established company;

  • Provision of personnel managment services within the limits of the requirements established by the legislation;

  • Provision of services for amending legal entity Charter;

  • Other services.

  Features of legal entities registration with foreign participation:

  • A "special" document for a foreigner in this case is a copy of the passport in the native language - with a translation into Russian. Translation should be ordered in Russia, and it should be certified in a notary's office. The package of documents includes:

  • Application form for the company registration. The form provides for the possibility of registering a company as a foreigner, so special issues should not arise

  • Decision on the establishment of LLC. By decision the applicant approves the amount of the charter capital, the editorial board of the charter and other moments important for the further functioning of the company. If a company is registered by several people, they must complete the minutes of the meeting, specifying the size of the shares of the founders LLC

  • Charter of LLC. Detailed information about the society and its participants are fixed in the charter. The charter is prepared in two copies, since one should be kept by the inspector, and the second one - at the office of the company

  • State duty payment receipt 

  • Legal address guarantee letter

  The founder of a legal entity in Russia is a legal entity:

In this case, an extract from the trade register of the state where the legal entity is registered is attached to the standard package of documents. The statement should go paired with a notarized translation into Russian. Other documents are common to foreigners and Russians (the content set differs little from that required from an individual):

  • Application P1101 for the company registration. The information is indicated according to the extract from the trade register. It is not necessary to inform, where the applicant lives in Russia

  • LLC establishing protocol or decision 

  • LLC Charter

  • State duty payment receipt

  • Legal address guarantee letter