Global Expert Group is a team of top level professionals in certification and international business development. With Headquaters in St. Petersburg, we can provide you detailed consultations on any subjects related to EAC certification, EAC declaration, GOST R certification, laboratory testing, custom services, opening legal entity and ensure necessary documents and services with reasonable prices and appropriate terms. Working with Global Expert our clients from Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia always sure that we speak commong language and have common understanding of business cooperation. 

Our services

All types of obligatory EAC product certification and declaration according to Technical Regulations of Custom Union and EAEU. 

Obligatory and voluntary certification of products and services in Russian national certification system of Rosstandard -  GOST R

EAC official representative that is resident of EAEU countries is necessary to apply for any EAC certification or EAC declaration.

Registration of legal enties (JSC, Ltd., Branch, etc.) in Russia and CIS countries and finanancial, legal and HR support during it's activity.

Testing of all types of products in laboratories, accredited iby national accerditation bodies of EAEU contries.

Wide range of business support in Russia and CIS includes lawer, marketing, translation, negotiation and other assistance.

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How we helps worldwide to start and develop business in EAEU

Russian Federation is one of the most interesting markets in Eurasia and it is can be really interesting for producers and traders representing a lot of countries and wide range of industries. It is importanit to know that Russian Federation is a member of  a multinational associaton - Eurasian Econimic Union (EAEU).

On the moment, this association includes the following full  member states:

  • The Russian Federation (population - 146 000 000, GDP PPP - 4 trillions USD, 2017),
  • The Republic of Kazakhstan (population - 15 000 000, GDP PPP - 486 billions USD, 2017),
  • The Republic of Belarus (population - 9 500 000, GDP PPP - 157 billions USD, 2017),
  • The Republic of Armenia (population - 2 800 000, GDP PPP - 28,3 billions USD, 2017),
  • The Republic of Kyrgyzstan (population - 4 800 000, GDP PPP - 28 billions USD, 2017).

This union means common custom and certification system of Union and free access and trade inside the Union.

As in any country or in multinational association, in Russia and  in EAEU there are clear and well hard and fast rules regulating the introduction of products and services to the market, the custom clearance, the opening of a branch or representative office, etc. It is difficult and sometimes hardly possible to ensure the products import , without knowledge of the specifics of these requirements and of the common practice as well as local languages.

Professionals of the Global Expert Group will help you to define and fulfill clearly what shall be done with certification in the scope of applicable legislation or corporate requirements, as well as provide other support related to entry into these markets.

Difficulties that foreign manufacturers in certification are faced

  • All processes and procedures related to certification, state registration or licensing are always in language or languages of other member state of Eurasian Economic Union,

  • All lab tests shall be done by laboratories located inside EAEU with local state accreditation of Russia, Kazakhstan or any other state that is a member of EAEU association (e.g. in Russian Federation - RusAccreditation),

  • All technical documentation for certification and declaration shall be done in Russian language of other EAEU member states langauges,

  • All legal requirements also only in local labguages,

  • EAC certification market is full of uncompetent companies and just a deceivers,

  • According to Russian and EAEU regulations producer keeps financial/administrative responsibility for any mistakes in certification or declaration,

  • GOST, GOST R and other standards are different from standards of EU and other countries, many of them still duplicate requirements of soviet system,

  • Rules of Russian and EAEU certification oftenly changing and it is hard to follow all the new and changed rules related to certification. 

Cooperation with Global Expert Group will decrease all mentioned above risks and help you to trade and develop your bsiness on the market !

Terms and prices

Terms and prices for EAC or GOST R certification and declaration are highly dependent on the specific products that need to be put on the market of Russia and EAEU, the requirements of technical regulations, standards and other regulatory documents.

In some cases, the procedure is rather simple and quick, and in other cases the certification process may take up to six months and require significant efforts on the part of the producer and/or local company that represents producer in EAEU territory.

Below are the minimum prices for our services. Having received from you a completed quatation request, our experts in short time will analyze provided information and calculate exact time and cost of the services provided.


to one Technical Regulation:

  • Price - from 400 USD.
  • Terms - from 3 days.


to one technical regulation:

  • Price - from 250 USD.
  • Terms - from 2 days.​​​​​​​


in Russia, EAEU and CIS countries:

  • Price - from 1000 USD.
  • Terms - from 15 days.


for product or service:

  • Price - from 100 USD.
  • Terms - from 2 days.


 to start and develop business in Russia, EAEU and CIS:

Why Global Expert Group?

Professional team

Global Expert Group is a team of expert and managers with deep knowledge and experince in Russian and EAC certification. We gives our clients and partners an opportunity to define necessary certifications and other requirements and get the certificates and other documents in short time.


Our company has long and positive experience of certification and business development in international level and assist of companies from more then 30 countries. We promise you operational consultations, professional approach to consultations and desisions that will be best for your business and case.

Reasonable prices

Our aim is to build long term relations with our clients. You can be sure that prices for EAC certification and declaration and other services will be reasonable and meet your expectations.

Wide range of services

We understand that many companies need wide range of support to enter market of EAEU, CIS or Russian Federation that exeed just only certification. Contact us and  solve the issues with custom, registration of legal entity, logistics, etc.

Global Expert Group offers its partnership to certification bodies, consulting, legal and non-commercial companies all over the world

Together we will help producers and traders all over the world in sustainable development of business in Russia, CIS and EAEU member states!

EAC Certification and EAC Declaration - list of Technical Regulations of Custom Union

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